After Your Trip

  1. A completed Travel Reimbursement Form should be sent to the Travel Office BA 013 (MS 109) within 30 days of return. Travel Reimbursement Forms should be available from your administrative assistant.  Note:  If you have not turned in a Travel Authorization form you will not be reimbursed until that form has been received in the Travel Office.
  2. List in the appropriate column, each eligible expense for reimbursement.  If you have been issued an advance for airfare please list both the airfare and advance on your reimbursement.
  3. Attach all receipts (tape neatly to scratch paper) then attach to the Travel Reimbursement Form and check your form for accuracy. Per Diem rates,  Hotel and restaurant charges need to be itemized and the bill must show a zero balance due, also attach receipts for baggage, taxi, limousine, rental car, and miscellaneous. Then add your mileage using  mileage chart using the current IRS Mileage Rate to and from the Salt Lake City International Airport.
  4. Subtract any Travel Advances   
  5. Travel Reimbursement Form must be completed and approved by an appropriate supervisor.
  6. Submit to the Travel Office BA013 (MS 109)
  • Because we individually audit each reimbursement, please allow three to five days for processing.
  • Travel Reimbursement Checks will be mailed unless you are on direct deposit or otherwise noted on the Travel Reimbursement Form.  Click on the following link for Direct Deposit  signup. 
  • Any reimbursements that need to be made back  to the University should be deposited with the Cashiers, and the receipt turned into the Travel Office within 30 Days.
  • Do not turn in checks to the Travel Office.