Student Testimonials

Josh Gerlach, South Summit

Josh Gerlach

Josh Gerlach graduated from South Summit High School in 2010. He has been involved with ETS since he was in 8th grade. Josh is now attending Utah Valley University, and will have his Associate’s Degree at the end of this semester. He took several Concurrent Enrollment classes while at South Summit, which enabled him to complete the degree in one year.

Josh took full advantage of all the opportunities afforded him through ETS while in high school, including attending the TRIO Student Leadership Conference his sophomore year and the ETS Mini-College Tour his junior year. He feels that seeing different campuses and learning about careers and educational paths really helped him while in high school.

Josh earned a TRIO Scholarship when he graduated last year, which has provided him with half tuition both semesters this year. He has been able to take advantage of the tutoring services offered through the TRIO Student Services Office at UVU, and feels that it really got him through his first semester on campus. He feels that he would not otherwise have done so well, and appreciates having someone on campus that cares about him and his college success. Josh is considering a career in medicine, and will complete his studies after he serves his LDS mission. Look for great things from Josh, a true TRiO success story!

Mary Duke, Wasatch High School

Mary Duke

Mary Duke graduated from Wasatch High School in May of 2008. She is presently attending Snow College and will graduate next year. Mary excelled in high school and was involved in many activities. She graduated with 42 Concurrent Credits which she states helped her get through college quicker.

At Snow College Mary was on the Snow Activities Council (SAC) which planned all the campus activities for the year. Mary was also named Miss Snow College for the 2008-09 school year which also included a scholarship for school. Mary was copy editor of the Snow Drift College Newspaper and received both an academic as well as a housing scholarship. Mary won 1st attendant in the Miss Wasatch Competition for both the 2008-09 and 2009-10 competition. These were both awarded with scholarships.

Mary is majoring in Communications and was awarded the Presidential Ambassador Scholarship. Mary represents the college in recruiting seminars across the country at various colleges and high schools. She is currently hosting a radio program at SUU as well.

Mary has completed 3 years of college and has had both scholarships and financial aid pay for all so far. And last but not least… Mary is also working 40 hours a week (She is saving her money.) and has a very active social life. COLLEGE IS GREAT!!

Mary’s future goals include: pursuing a prelaw degree or writing for a large magazine in New York or California. Mary’s advice...

"Take as many concurrent enrollment courses as you can in high school, especially the math and science courses. They help you get through faster and the teachers are easier to work with."

Cecora Madriz, Uintah High School

Cecora MadrizCecora Madriz is new to the ETS program this year. She is a student with many challenges, yet many talents! She did not have the confidence in herself to discover her talents and how to put them to use. She was not sure what she wanted to do in her life and what educational path to take. Cecora’s ETS Advisor had her take the SDS test. Together they scored it and went over the results. She scored very high in Artistic and Social areas, which was not a surprise to her. However the other area that she scored high in was Enterprising. Together they discussed what careers were well suited to a person with these three talent areas. This triggered for Cecora lots of memories where in the past she had been very enterprising and had started several businesses of her own, like making custom hair clips, drawing caricatures of people and selling them, and many more.

Just allowing her a chance to talk and express what she loved to do, she came up with the answer all on her own. She wants to get a business degree and someday own her own boutique, selling unique clothing and accessories. Her ETS Advisor downloaded the classes offered at Uintah HS and found they have a Fashion Merchandising class, an Entrepreneurship class, and an Internship class. Her advisor was able to help her get into these classes for the next trimester. This young woman was very close to dropping out of high school because she felt all her classes were useless. Now she feels her classes are relevant and are bringing her closer to her goals. Her grades and her attitude have improved dramatically.

She is Interning at a high end Boutique in the Basin Area. The owner has taken a real interest in her and explains to her all the ins and outs of owning her own fashion business and the importance of getting a degree. The ETS program has made a real difference in the life of Cecora Madriz.

Sam Ramos, Provo High

Sam Ramos

While attending Provo High School, Sam Ramos was an example of success. He did exceptionally well in his classes and continued to take challenging courses into his senior year. In addition to participating in ETS during high school, Sam often came after school to get help from tutors with his homework. This last fall, Sam enrolled at Utah Valley University. He recently found a job through the Provo School District as a tutor for the after school program. Not only does Sam currently attend UVU with a full academic schedule, he also works with students at Provo High who need help with their classes. Sam does a great job helping students who, like him in the past, come after school to get help with their homework so that they can continue to succeed in school and go to college.