TRIO Student Support Services

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You have the option to apply under any or all of our eligibility options: low income, first generation, and physical or learning disability.



Sometimes students may need a little extra help with courses at UVU. To help in this area, TRiO provides a free, professional, one-on-one tutoring in those subjects where students have traditionally shown the greatest need, i.e., math, English, and science related courses. The peer instructors working for TRIO SSS are typically working towards a bachelor degree in the subjects they tutor. In addition, they care about students and are invested in student success. As with all other services offered to students through the TRIO SSS Department, tutoring is absolutely free to you.

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Open Labs

The TRiO Student Support Services Open Lab is designed to provide additional/occasional tutoring services to our students who need tutoring services outside of their regularly scheduled sessions. We offer Labs in all Science, Accounting, Writing, Behavioral Science and Math. Please see our schedule for more information.

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Computer Labs

TRiO Student Support Services has a student computer lab for TRiO students use.

Students can access the lab to write papers, complete on-line homework assignments, research on the internet, check email, register for classes, access blackboard vista and print.

Fall & Spring Lab Schedule
Monday-Friday 8 A.M. – 5 P.M.
Closed Saturday

Summer Lab Schedule
Summer Remodel - Closed

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Scholarship Information

The TRiO Scholarship is for incoming students into Utah Valley University. It is a half tuition scholarship for a maximum of 2 semesters. For more information about the scholarship or how to apply contact Nancy Cannon at 801.863.8844.

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Student Spotlight


TRiO is a federally funded program that provides ongoing support throughout a student's college career. We promote student development by providing opportunities to grow personally, socially and academically. At the present time we are funded to serve 150 students. LEARN MORE...

We believe in the value of each individual
We enjoy the privilege of servicing students and witnessing their growth
We encourage personal choice and acceptance of responsibility
We believe in students' dreams and provide a nurturing environment for the realization of those dreams
We are committed to life long learning