Priority Registration

A benefit for TRiO students is the opportunity for all students to register on the first day of registration.

Time to register...

  • Check you holds!
  • Plan out your classes

Spring Semester Priority Registration

Begins Monday October 27

Oct 27 .... 110 credit hours & over
Oct 28 .... 90 credits & over
Oct 29 .... 60 credits & over
Oct 30 .... 30 credits & over
Nov 3 .... begins 0 credits & over

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TRiO Computer Lab

TRiO Student Support Services has a student computer lab for TRiO students use. Students access the lab to write papers, complete on-line homework assignments, research on the internet, check email, register for classes, access Canvas and print.

Fall & Spring Lab Schedule

Monday-Friday 8 A.M. – 4:45 P.M. Closed Saturday

Summer Lab Schedule

Monday-Friday 8 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Closed Saturday


You will find links for resources available on UVU campus. Research has shown that students who connect to their campus and are aware of available resources will complete their education at that school. UVU has many resources available.

TRiO Student Support Services Peer Instruction

Sometimes students may need a little extra help with courses at UVU. To help in this area, TRiO provides a free, professional, one-on-one tutoring in those subjects where students have traditionally shown the greatest need, i.e., math, English, and science related courses. The peer instructors working for TRIO SSS are typically working towards a bachelor degree in the subjects they tutor. In addition, they care about students and are invested in student success. As with all other services offered to students through the TRIO SSS Department, tutoring is absolutely free to you.