Returning Students

Turning Point Classes

Scholarships for Turning Point classes may be available. The Coordinator can give specific information about tuition scholarships at the intake appointment.

Employment/Education Exploration

Employment/Education Exploration Services include assessing career goals, career interest testing and help with developing a career plan. To utilize these services please contact us to make an appointment.

Non-Traditional Students

Non-Traditional Students are students who are attending school sometime other than right after high school. They are older than traditional students, may have taken a long break from school and often times have a spouse and/or children. Coordinator can help students navigate their way back to school and help with tools to succeed. If you are a Non-Traditional Student and would like to utilize these services please contact us to make an appointment.

Students entering a door

GED/High School Diploma

Turning Point clients may be eligible for financial help to prepare for GED testing or working toward a High School Diploma.