Academic Departments

Literacies and Composition

The Department of Literacies and Composition understands that all students bring with them rich and diverse histories, knowledge, skills and literacies that can be applied to the literacy work they will take part in as college students at UVU.  The Department is committed to providing opportunities for students to recognize their own oral, written, and visual literacies as relevant to the academic setting and to helping them develop these literacies for the work they will do in the academy, in the workplace and in their personal lives.


Developmental Math

The courses offered by the Department of Developmental Mathematics are designed to provide a foundation in preparatory mathematics that is required for higher level mathematics courses and that support our students in many disciplines. The courses also provide for the development of critical thinking skills that are applicable to all aspects of academic life. The Department of Developmental Mathematics offers MAT 1000 and MAT 1010, Intermediate Algebra as transferable, college credit classes, and as prerequisites for MATH 1030, MATH 1040, and MATH 1050. The Department of Developmental Mathematics also offers preparatory, non-transferable courses for students who need to strengthen mathematics skills before entering MAT 1010.


English Language Learning

The mission of the English Language Learning program is to provide a broad range of quality academic and social opportunities designed to help non-native English speaking students understand and successfully meet academic language expectations within an American university by demonstrating proficiency in reading, writing, grammar, and listening/speaking. All students are required to take a placement examination prior to registration for any courses. All students who successfully complete the advanced level courses and meet the ELL Program exit criteria are admitted into the university to begin their undergraduate or graduate academic studies.


Student Leadership & Success Studies

The department’s mission is to help students acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to meet the challenges of college. Students may choose from a variety of College Success courses which best fit their academic needs. The College Success courses better prepare students for the demands of college life, the selection and pursuit of major and career paths to graduation, developing effective ways to manage time, learning, and stress, library research techniques, and the development of other essential life skills.