Student Support Services

Academic Counseling Center

The Academic Counseling Center (ACC) is committed to meeting the career and academic needs of current and future students, faculty, staff, and community members. Our center is an ideal starting point for undecided students, with many working towards their Associate in Science (AS) or Associate in Arts (AA) degree in University Studies, or those pursuing professional programs requiring formal application such as Law and Medical school. The ACC also has counselors for students seeking admission into Law School, Medical, Dental, Nursing and many other health occupations.



Academic Standards

The Primary mission of the Academic Standards Office at UVU is to promote students’ academic success and to assist those experiencing academic difficulty. The work of the Academic Standards Office is to assist students in discovering and accessing the personal or college resources that will allow them to reach their full potential. When students fall below the grade point average standard of 2.0, the programs of the Academic Standards Office are intended to bring them back on course toward academic success and graduation.



Academic Tutoring

Just like smart climbers always use the buddy system, we too understand the importance of extra support. Don't suffer through your class work. If you are struggling with a homework question, or you can't quite grasp a specific concept, come try out our tutors. We are here to be your guide. Drop-in tutoring, small group tutoring, course reviews, and one-one tutoring are some options that are designed to help you get the help you need.    



First Year Experience & Student Retention

We know that there's nothing quite like your first year of college. New challenges and opportunities await you! This is an exciting time, but it can sometimes be a little scary, too. That's why we created the First Year Experience (FYE) at Utah Valley University. FYE is here to help you make a smooth and successful transition to college life. Participating in all the FYE programs mentioned on these pages will help you build a foundation of success that will support you during your first year at UVU, and all the way to graduation!



Learning Strategies

The Learning Strategies Support Services assists students in developing increased self-awareness of their learning challenges, and utilizing resources to create and implement a self-improvement plan to become active and independent learners and to achieve academic success.



Math Lab

Our highly qualified math tutors are required to maintain a 3.0 grade point average and have completed higher mathematics courses beyond College Algebra. Their mathematics experience is in pursuit of such fields as Math Education, Engineering, Physics, Business, Actuarial Science, and even pure Mathematics. Further, each tutor is required to complete the nationally recognized College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Tutor Training Certification Program. Through this program, our tutors are trained to support student learning through mentoring, coaching, and modeling effective learning strategies in addition to using their exceptional knowledge of mathematics.



Writing Center

The Writing Center provides free one-on-one tutoring to all UVU students. Students may bring writing assignments for any class in face-to-face and web conference tutorials. Students can book appointments by registering an account at The Center offers free writing workshops, handouts, practice tests, reference books, textbooks, writing manuals, and ESL materials. Graduate student tutoring is also provided. In addition, the Writing Center hosts the Writing Fellows program, a form of supplemental instruction designed to work closely with discipline specific writing courses.


Student Success & UV Mentor Program

The The Student Success/UV Mentor program, in partnership with Student Affairs, focuses on preparing students for their college experience. The program is committed to leveraging students for success and persistence in achieving their academic goals and is fully integrated into campus-wide student success and retention initiatives. Our UV Mentors are dedicated student leaders who are trained to mentor first-year students and assist instructors in every section of University Student Success. The goals of UV Mentors are to connect personally to their students by mentoring them and modeling the skills being taught.