Math Week 2017 Events


Monday, April 3rd

Amazing Math Race
8am-2pm // LA 221Q
Photo scavenger hunt for two. Start any time before noon, finish by 2pm.

Mathematical Chairs (MAT 920/950)  
3pm  //  LA 236
Find the correct numbered chair before the music runs out.

Movie Night 
7-9pm  //  Center Stage

Tuesday, April 4th 

Math Carnival
10:30am-2pm // LA Hallway “
A display of a dozen fun math projects and contests.

Integration Bee (MAT 1220) 
3-4:45pm   //  SB 279
Be the fastest to compute an integral

Wednesday, April 5th

Sudoku Tournament 
10am  //  LA 113
Be the fastest to solve a Sudoku puzzle.

Factoring Bee (MAT 990-1050)
11am  //  LA 229
Who’s the fastest at factoring polynomials?

SET Tournament 
1pm  //  SL 101
Who can complete the most sets the fastest? 

Crafty Math Art
2:30pm  //  LA 235
Who’s the fastest at factoring polynomials?

Thursday, April 6th

SET Tournament 
11am // SL 101
Who can complete the most sets the fastest? 

UVU Speaker
12pm  //  LI 120
Rick Bennett

Mathematical Chairs
1-2pm // LA 236
Find the correct numbered chair before the music end. (MAT 920/950)

Keynote Speaker
4pm  //  LI 120
Tim Chartier, Davison College

Friday, April 7th 

SET Tournament 
11am // LI 120 
Who can complete the most sets the fastest? 

Factoring Bee (MAT 990-1050)
2pm  //  LA 007
Who’s the fastest at factoring polynomials?





UVU’s twelfth annual Math Week will be held during the week April 3-7, 2017. The traditional Math Week carnival for all UVU students will be held in the LA concourse on Tuesday, April 4th from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. The carnival will include of a variety of booths introducing students to fun and interesting aspects in the field of mathematics.

The theme for this year’s Math Week is ‘Math in Sports Statistics’ and the speakers will highlight in a fun and informative way some of the many methods in which mathematics is used in analyzing sports. 

The keynote speaker is Professor Tim Chartier of Davidson College.  The abstract of his talk follows:

Title: Get in the Game: Sports Analytics

Abstract: Sports analytics is a growing field. Exploring the numbers of sports can help the team or be fun as a fan.  How do you get in the game with numbers? What types of questions can be examined?  This talk will discuss outlooks that help with successful analytics and a variety of questions that can be analyzed.  From March Madness to helping national media with their analytics questions, Dr. Tim Chartier of Davidson College has directed his students in digging into sports using math and computer science.  The students have ranged from first years to seniors and included math and non-math majors. His projects have varied from helping the NBA, NFL, NASCAR, and ESPN to aiding his own college teams. Learn how to play a sport — as a sports analyst!

There will be many activities held throughout Math Week to encourage all participants to have fun with math. These activities include Factoring Bees, Sudoku Tournaments, Integration Bee, Mathematical Chairs competition, The Amazing Math Race, Math Art activity, SET tournaments, and a Movie Night. There will be prizes for the competitions.

All UVU students and employees are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all Math Week events. The competitions are only for UVU students but all community members are welcome to attend Movie Night  and come hear the speakers. All Math Week events are free of charge and sponsored by the Math and the Developmental Math Departments at Utah Valley University.