Math Week 2016 Events


Monday, April 4th

Math Carnival                                                                        
11am-2pm // PE Concourse
“A display of a dozen fun math projects and contests”

Mathematical Chairs (MAT 920/950)  
3pm  //  LA 113
Find the correct numbered chair before the music runs out.

Movie Night /Tetris Speed Run Tournament
7-9pm  //  Center Stage
Tron — Get the highest score in 2 minutes.

Tuesday, April 5th 

Mathematical Chairs (MAT 1010) 
11am // LA 236
Find the correct numbered chair before the music runs out.

Crafty Math Art    
1-3pm   //  LA 203
Make fun creations with mathematical influences

Integration Bee (MAT 1220) 
3-4:45pm   //  SB 279
Be the fastest to compute an integral

Wednesday, April 6th

Sudoku Tournament 
1pm  //  LA 105
Be the fastest to solve a Sudoku puzzle.

Thursday, April 7th

Wii Bowling Tournament
12-2pm  //  LA 105
Are you the best virtual bowler? Prove it. 

Factoring Bee (MAT 990-1050)
3-4:30pm  //  LA 004
Who’s the fastest at factoring polynomials?

Friday, April 8th 

Amazing Math Race    
All Morning  //  LA 221Q  
A timed math-based photo scavenger hunt for teams of 2.  Start any time after 8am, be back by noon.

Factoring Bee (MAT 990-1050)
10am  //  LA 102
Who’s the fastest at factoring polynomials?

UVU Speaker
Professor Curtis Welborn
12pm  //  LA 101

Keynote Speaker
2pm  //  LI 120
Trent Halvorsen, Senior Designer, CHAIR Entertainment 

Trent Halvorsen is a video game artist and designer with 14 years experience in the industry. He has developed games for Disney, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, and MTV Networks. He is a Senior Level Designer at ChAIR Entertainment where he is currently working on SPYJINX, an action strategy game being developed jointly with J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot Interactive. Trent grew up disliking math until he started using it to program games on his TI-85 graphing calculator. Now, he uses math every day.

Wednesday, April 13th 

Chocolate Math Therapy  
11am  //  SC 206A
Chocolate. Math. Therapy.  Not necessarily in that order.

Thursday, April 14th 

Chocolate Math Therapy  
2pm  //  SC 206A
Chocolate. Math. Therapy.  Not necessarily in that order.



Math Week Logo

UVU’s eleventh annual Math Week will be held during the week April 4-8, 2016 and will commence with the traditional Math Week carnival for all UVU students in the PE concourse on Monday, April 4th from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. The carnival will include of a variety of booths introducing students to fun and interesting aspects in the field of mathematics.

The theme for this year’s Math Week is ‘Math in Video Games’ and the speakers will highlight in a fun and informative way some of the many methods in which mathematics is used in video games. 

Dr. Curtis Welborn, an Associate Professor in Computing Science, will be the UVU faculty speaker for Math Week 2016. Dr. Welborn came to UVU after working in the Aerospace and Telecommunication Industries for over 17 years. Computer graphic development has had a significant impact on many types of media and has revolutionized animation, movies and the video game industry. Dr. Welborn’s remarks will help the audience appreciate the math involved in this area of video games.

There will be many activities held throughout Math Week to encourage all participants to have fun with math. These activities include Factoring Bees, a Sudoku Tournament, Wii Bowling Tournament, Integration Bee, Mathematical Chairs competition, The Amazing Math Race, Math Art activity, Chocolate Math Therapy sessions and a Movie Night. There will be prizes for the competitions and chocolate for the therapy sessions.

All UVU students and employees are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all Math Week events. The competitions are only for UVU students but all community members are welcome to attend Movie Night, Chocolate Math therapy and come hear the speakers. All Math Week events are free of charge and sponsored by the Math and the Developmental Math Departments at Utah Valley University.