Faculty Resources

A variety of programs and resources, designed to support and enhance the vision of our faculty and staff, are available across campus. Please visit the following sites for more information.


  • Office of Teaching and Learning - Course Design



  • Participate in Faculty Senate



  • Apply for a Grant for Engaged Learning (GEL)



  • Apply for travel funds for scholarship & teaching



  • Develop a Global or Intercultural class



  • Get help from the Innovation Center



  • Data collection from Institutional Research & Information



  • Visit the Office of the President



  • Get involved in PACE



  • Know UVU’s Policies & Procedures



  • Collaborate with Volunteer & Service Learning



  • Explore Study Abroad programs



  • Attend the Presidential Lecture Series



  • Obtain Grant Writing Support



  •  Visit the Capitol Reef Field Station



  • Mentor an Undergraduate Research project


Faculty and Student