UC Mission & Vision 

“University College is an early educational home for students exploring options for their academic pursuits, providing connections to success for all students. Through collaboration with other academic schools and student services, UC facilitates interdisciplinary study and helps students become better prepared for the rigors of university-level coursework. The college’s Basic Composition department, Math Lab, and Writing Center are all accredited by the National Association of Developmental Educators. In addition to its four Academic Departments, UC houses four support departments: Academic Counseling Center, Academic Standards, First Year Experience and Student Retention, and Tutoring & Academic Skills Services.”

–Prospective Student Services




  • Engage students and faculty in learning, scholarship, and creative endeavors
  • Encourage exploration, curiosity, and self discovery
  • Challenge with high expectations and new ideas
  • Create and strengthen interdisciplinary learning and partnerships
  • Support an exceptional and diverse community of learners
  • Provide specialized academic experiences
  • Meet individual student needs
  • Facilitate the achievement of educational goals



“The University College is a student’s connection to success, providing an entry point for individuals with varying levels of academic preparation while inspiring and empowering them throughout their academic experience to completion of their educational goals.”


“Foster learning opportunities and collaborations.”