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Part of "becoming a university" is preparing highly academically successful students to study, do research, and teach English abroad. Organizations around the country and the world have allocated funds to support this international endeavor. Students and institutions benefit from global experiences and enrich their environment wherever they spend time. Conversations in the classroom change as a result of multilingual and multicultural experiences of both the faculty and the students. Students who have not had the opportunity to study abroad, learn a second or third language, or teach non-English-speaking people gain from the experiences of students around them who have had those opportunities. At UVU we are committing resources to enhance the likelihood that UVU students will be awarded a Prestigious Scholarship. Memberships are being arranged in organizations that help campus representatives understand the advising process as well as training from the various organizations who administer the scholarships is being accessed. Don't miss your chance to explore the possibilities!

Public and private foundations and entities allocate funds to encourage students to:

  • Earn a degree from a foreign university
  • Learn a language in the country in which it is spoken
  • Do research abroad
  • Teach English in a non-English speaking country


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