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Jon Anderson & Darren Wiberg

Jon Anderson and Darren Wiberg

Professors in Developmental Math developed a new technique called Synthetic Factoring, which is being published in new textbooks.

Chitralekha Duttagupta

Chitra Duttagupta

Everyday Writing by Greg Glau and Chitra Duttagupta is a rhetoric/reader intended for students identified as college basic writers or as college English as a Second Language/English as a Foreign Language writers. This means the text can be used in a basic writing class, or in an ESL/EFL class, or in classrooms where both basic writers and ESL/EFL writers are intermingled. The book builds on the strengths that such students already possess--familiarity with language, critical thinking skills, a desire to succeed in school--by offering them practice in the kinds of writing and reading that will make them successful in the academic environment.

Specifically, Everyday Writing provides appropriate process-based, theoretically grounded writing instruction in a language that its target students can easily internalize. It provides real contexts for all student writing, that is, a real audience to write to, an authentic purpose for writing, and a clear context for constructing the writing. It also contains a complete chapter of useful reading instruction--how to read and understand a text, how to read and understand an assignment, etc., and advice on reading runs throughout the text. Readings that have an American and/or international focus, a college focus, as well as a scientific, or environmental focus are also included. 

Everyday Writing is divided into four parts. Part 1 focuses generally on academic reading and writing instruction. Part 2 includes six assignment chapters, giving students the opportunity to write six extended essays. Part 3 includes chapters on effective research and documenting that research, as well as a chapter on workplace writing (e-mails, job application letters and resumes). Part 4 is a grammar handbook, providing students with a handy reference to check grammar, punctuation and mechanics issues. It is, therefore, is a book with major implications for literacy instruction.



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