UVST Degrees

Would you like to complete
associate’s degree,
but are unsure what you want
your emphasis to be?

The University Studies Associate in Arts/Science degree is designed to provide an opportunity for students who may be potentially exploring their career and major options, or provides flexibility for those that are seeking an Associate that enables transferability or simply completion of a broad variety of curriculum options. The UVST AA/AS enables the ability to begin work toward the General Education requirements while meeting the needs of a broad variety of student circumstances.

University Studies AA/AS

Would you like to complete a
bachelor's degree that meets
specific academic and career goals
unaddressed in other degrees?

The University Studies Bachelor in Arts/Science degree will provide you the opportunity to:

  • meet academic and professional objectives not addressed through existing degree programs
  • develop essential skills valued by employers and graduate schools
  • complete a structured yet customized set of upper division courses
  • complete a capstone course or internship, which further prepares you for your chosen profession or graduate school admission

University Studies BA/BS