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Tutoring and Academic Skills Services are available at no charge to all UVU Students.

Qualified tutors provide one-on-one tutorials and help lead group study sessions and workshops.  


Math Lab







Math Lab

The Math Lab seeks to develop each student’s ability to understand and apply mathematical principles and knowledge through tutoring, resources, and programs, which are offered in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

What is the Math Lab?

A place to meet with fellow students to collaborate on homework.

A place to borrow a textbook or use a computer.

A place to find support when you’re struggling to understand a concept.

And, it’s conveniently located in the Liberal Arts Building!

  - Trent Douglas
    Math Lab Director







Writing Center

The UVU Writing Center provides a space where students of all disciplines may further their understanding of writing principles and enhance their writing skills. This is primarily achieved through one-on-one tutorials focused on specific writing assignments and tailored to the individual student’s needs.

Ernest Hemingway once said of writing, “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” From a student perspective, this means that writing is not an activity that can be mastered in one or even two 15-week courses. It requires a steady dedication toward improving how you are able to determine an audience for your message, a purpose for that message, and to determine how you should convey yourself in writing. The Writing Center can help by offering a fresh set of eyes on your work in order to help you see how you are meeting those different purposes to which you have to write in your college career. Students who use the Writing Center regularly (4 or more times per semester) do significantly better (20% or more) in their courses. But, more importantly, using the Writing Center as a regular part of your writing process ensures that you will get more input and a broader perspective on where both your strengths and weaknesses as a writer lie.

  - Joshua Hilst, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor - Basic Writing

Writing Center








Academic Tutoring

Just like smart climbers always use the buddy system, we too understand the importance of extra support. Don’t suffer through your class work. If you are struggling with a homework question, or you can’t quite grasp a specific concept, come try out our tutors. We are here to be your guide. Drop-in tutoring, small group tutoring, course reviews, and one-on-one tutoring are some options that are designed to help you get the help you need.