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High School Junior Makes Big Math Discovery

(KUTV) Lehi High School junior Brock Brown doesn't consider himself a great student – he said he gets mostly "B's".

Some would disagree with his assessment after he recently discovered an alternative to what's known in math as a binomial expansion. Figuring out a binomial expansion takes a lot of calculations – the problem solving can get very long. "Brock's idea makes it faster, easier and a lot less painful," said UVU math Professor Ben Moulton, who discovered Brock's work through the teen's mother who was a student in his college class. "He's gifted," said Moulton.

Brock figured out the short-cut to the Binomial expansion during one math class period. "By the end of the class period I had figured it out. It took me another five minutes to write it in a simplified equation," said Brock.

This weekend, the 16 year-old will present his work to community college professors at a conference in California to see what they think. Moulton, who already showed the work to his UVU colleagues, expects that Brock will be a hit at the conference.

While Moulton thinks Brock would make a great math professor someday, the teen has other plans. "I want to be a Seminary Teacher (for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)," he said. Brock, who is also a talented, self-taught piano player, said at the very least, he hopes to show others that math is in everything and that the ability to do math is in everyone. "It's been my life-long thought that nobody is bad at math," he said.

By Cristina Flores

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