Department ID Cards

UFRA can create high quality Department ID Cards for your members. These cards are thermo printed on a durable plastic, similar to the certification card. Your department logo and individual photos along with identifying information can be printed in color.

There are four basic card layouts that your department can choose from. Select the layout that will best suit your Department's needs and decide what information you would like on your cards. Changes can be made to colors, wording, and formatting, but the basic layout will remain the same.

To order cards, fill out the card information sheet for your personnel. The cost of the card is $5.00 per card. Contact Pat Nakai in the Certification office for any questions you may have. Pat can be reached toll free at 888-548-7816 or direct at 801-863-7746 or by e-mail.

  1. Card Information Sheet
  2. ID Card Layouts