About University Forum

University Forum is an effort to integrate conferences, lectures, symposia, colloquia, workshops, and other co-curricular events into targeted university curriculum. UVU hosts a growing number of superbly organized and high quality co-curricular events; and the initiative is an effort to encourage attendance and participation to the extent possible. Each participating events has a designated webpage, which include, for example, event descriptions and schedules, biographical information, video recordings, readings, and other relevant information for curricular use.

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Brian D. Birch
Associate Vice President Academic Affairs
Office of Engaged Learning
phone: (801) 863-8361
e-mail: brian.birch@uvu.edu

Alex Strasburg
University Forum Coordinator
Office of Engaged Learning
phone: (801) 863-8337
e-mail: alex.strasburg@uvu.edu

Marinda Ashman
Student Leadership & Success Studies
phone: (801) 863-6445
e-mail: mashman@uvu.edu

Lisa Lambert
Student Leadership & Success Studies
phone:  (801) 863-8741
email: lisa.lambert@uvu.edu