The University Project for Civic EngagementAbout

How it Works

Launched in 2012, the University Project for Civic Engagement is designed to mobilize the human talent of Utah Valley University to address critical issues and challenges facing the institution’s service region. This is accomplished by focusing civic engagement efforts on a specific project for a year, or longer in some cases. These projects will often involve close collaboration with community partners.

The University Project:

                        Forges unity of purpose among faculty, students, staff and the local community

                        Provides the opportunity to contribute to significant social change and develop deep civic knowledge, skills, and commitments

                        Integrates engaged learning principles and practices across the campus community

                        Aligns academic programming centered on student success

                        Cultivates unique internal and external partnerships

                        Provides a vital public service

Current Project

In 2012 and 2013, the University Project will focus on improving math and reading skills among local youths. This focus on literacy and numeracy will be carried out in collaboration with the United Way.


Why Literacy and Numeracy?

Fluency in math and literacy are vital if Utah students are to compete in the global marketplace, meet the demands of our growing local high-tech sector, and participate in the future of American democracy. By addressing these timely and challenging issues, UVU can have a positive impact on a broad array of pressing social needs.