Classification of a Veteran

For the purpose of receiving VA benefits, "Veteran" includes:

  • Those who have served on active duty and have an "Honorable" discharge
  • Those currently serving in the Reserves or National Guard

VA benefits may also be available to spouses and dependent children of Veterans or current Service Members.

Advance Pay (Chapters 30, 35 & 1606)

Advance payment provides funds at the beginning of a school term to help the student meet expenses concentrated at the beginning of the term. An advance payment is the 1st two months of your GI Bill® benefits. The first month may be a partial month, with payment pro-rated for the number of days attended that month. Since the VA normally pays after a month is completed, the students will not receive another check until the beginning of the 4th month.

Students are eligible for advance payment when:

  • Admitted to UVU and living in the local area, and
  • Student is registered & is eligible to be certified for at least half-time, and
  • UVU Veteran Success Center receives the UVU Veteran Class Schedule form, and
  • UVU Veteran Success Center receives the Request for Advance Payment form (at least 30 days before beginning of semester), and
  • Must not have received GI Bill® benefits during the previous semester.

Once the Advance Pay check has been received by UVU, the UVU Veteran Success Center will notify the student to:

  • Sign a release form in the UVU Veteran Success Center,
  • Take the release form to the UVU Cashiers Office to receive their check (picture ID required).

*GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Information for Parents

Students receiving benefits must work with the Veteran Success Center directly to obtain them (even if the parent is the sponsoring veteran).

With the student’s permission, the parent can discuss veteran and education issues with UVU if the Student Information Release Authorization (pdf) is submitted to the UVU Registrar’s Office:

Additional information for parents and guardians.

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