Service-Learning Faculty Fellowship

The Service-Learning Faculty Fellowship is sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Volunteer & Service-Learning Center. The goal of the Service-Learning Faculty Fellow program is to train and support faculty in designing or modifying courses that integrate service-learning into the course curriculum. The Fellowship is facilitated by the Academic Service-Learning Director. As part of the fellowship, faculty will receive the following:

  • Readings and resources to assist with the design and development of service-learning courses
  • Assistance forming community partnerships, orienting students to service-learning, and structuring syllabi and appropriate reflection exercises

Fellows are awarded a stipend of up to $750, $100 for each session attended and $150 for submitting the paperwork for designating a service-learning course. Each faculty member awarded a fellowship will agree to do the following:

  • Attend and participate in six fellowship sessions
  • Revise a syllabus for at least one course to include an academic service-learning component
  • Commit to incorporate service learning in at least one class for the following semester

*Please note that only full-time faculty are eligible to participate in the fellowship.


Participants who successfully complete the Service-Learning Faculty Fellowship will:

  • recognize the differences between civic engagement through service-learning vs. community volunteerism
  • develop partnerships with community entities engaged in work related to their course objectives
  • apply strategies to engage students in meaningful reflection about authentic learning through service
  • complete a syllabus outlining and implementing a new or revised course that utilizes service-learning principles

Topics Covered

  • Overview: Definitions & Examples
  • Roles: Theory & Pedagogy
  • Relevance: Learning Goals & Objectives, Syllabus
  • Reciprocity: Identifying Needs & Community Partners
  • Reflection/Risk: Outcomes & Assessment, Risk Management
  • Reporting: Show & Tell

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