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Purpose of the Service Council

The UVU Student Service Council exists to plan, coordinate, and implement service projects and programs for UVU students. All Service Council programs are led by students for the benefit of the local community. By participating as leaders in the Service Council, students learn to identify community needs and assets, plan meaningful service, and enhance their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Responsibilities of Service Council

Among other things, the Service Council is responsible for successfully implementing all assigned projects and programs in a given school year. The service president works to support and encourage his/her student coordinators, who in turn help their program directors develop the skills and find the resources they need to plan their service.

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Place of the Service Council in the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center

The Service Council is an integral part of the UVU Volunteer & Service-Learning Center. One of the main goals of the Center is to plan and participate in activities that build and strengthen the community, and the Service Council is one of the ways that the Center is able to achieve that goal. In the Center, full-time staff, work-study students, service leaders, and volunteers work side by side to provide enriching opportunities for students to become engaged in community life.

Structure of Service Council

The Service Council comprises of 8 core positions: the President/UVUSA Liaison, Vice President of Internal Affairs, Vice President of Communication, and five Student Coordinators. For more information on the scholarship amount please review the Service Council position descriptions.

History of Service Council

Prior to fall 2003, student service on campus was housed in two different offices and led by two different students. The UVUSA Service President worked as part of the Independent Branch of student government and reported to the Student Body President. The Service President worked in the V&SL and reported to the coordinator of that office. Each of these positions worked hard to involve more students in the community, but too often their efforts were duplicated. In March 2003 these two positions were combined into what is now the position of Service President. The Service President still works with the Student Body President and the Independent Branch of UVUSA, acting as a voting member of the Student Council. The Service President works to involve as many people as possible through student government as well as through the Center’s resources. This new model works to more effectively involve students in community outreach.