Site Leader Information

Want to lead an Alternative Break? Let's talk.

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What's a Site Leader?:

Site leaders are co-student leaders on each Alternative Break trip. Site Leaders will be primarily responsible for the logistics, budgeting, site coordination, on-site education, issue education in addition to making sure their trip includes all 8 Components of a Quality Alternative Break (strong direct service, alcohol and drug-free, diversity, orientation, education, training, reflection, and reorientation upon return). Site leaders are also responsible for recruitment of participants for their trip. Site leaders work with other board members to fundraise and advertise for their trip. 

Site Leaders receive training to help them prepare for their Alternative Break leadership if you are excited about service and leading other students, APPLY!




  • Participate in an AB Trip at no cost
  • Resume building experience
  • Networking experience
  • Increase your skill set
  • Accrue needed volunteer hours
  • Leadership experience
  • Make new friends
  • Learn about the community around you
  • Make a difference

We are now seeking students interested in being site leaders! Please contact Laura Christopherson at if you are interested in applying!