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Site Name Url Department Division

Cabinetry and Architectural Woodwork Construction Management College of Technology & Computing
Campus Cable Infrastructure Services Office of Information Technology
Campus Connection Campus Connection Student Life
Campus Signage Campus Events VP University Relations
Canvas Canvas Academic Administration
Capitol Reef Field Station Capitol Reef Field Station Engaged Learning
Care About Childcare Care About Childcare Recruitment and Outreach
Care About Childcare - Espanol Care About Childcare - Espanol Recruitment and Outreach
Career and Technical Education Career and Technical Eduation Academic Programs
Career Developement Center Career Development Center Student Sucess and Retention
Career Passport Career Passport Student Life
Cashier Business Office Finance and Business Services
Catalog Catalog Academic Programs
Center for Advancement of Leadership Center for Advancement of Leadership Recruitment and Outreach
Center for Constitutional Studies Center for Constitutional Studies VP Academic Affairs
Center for Global & Intercultural Engagement Center for Global and Intercultural Engagement Engaged Learning
Center for the Study of Ethics Center for the Study of Ethics VP Academic Affairs
Chemistry Chemistry College of Science & Health
Chinese Commerce Chinese Studies College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Chinese Initiative Chinese Initative Engaged Learning
Chinese Studies Interdisciplinary Studies VP Academic Affairs
Cinema Studies Cinema Studies College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Classical Studies Interdisplinary Studies College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Clubs Clubs Student Life
Collections Collections Finance and Business Services
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