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Site Name Url Department Division

Equity Center Equity Center Recruitment and Outreach
Events Events and Scheduling Office of Information Technology
Exercise Science & Outdoor Recreation Physical Education and Recreation College of Science & Health
Extended Studies Extended Studies eLearning & Academic Outreach
Facilities Facilities Facilities & Planning
Facilities Management Faculities Management College of Technology & Computing
Faculty and Staff Marketing & Communications Marketing & Communications
Faculty Center Center for Faculty Learning and Engagement Engaged Learning
Faculty Senate Faculty Senate VP Academic Affairs
Family Life College of Humanities and Social Science College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Finance Finance and Business Services Finance and Business Services
Financial Aid Financial Aid Enrollment Management
First Year First Year Enrollment Management
Fleet Operations Parking Facilities & Planning
Forgotten Carols College of Humanities and Social Science College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Freshman Reading Program Freshman Reading Program University College
Future Students Future Students Recruitment and Outreach
GEAR Up GEAR Up Recruitment and Outreach
Gender Studies Interdisplinary Studies College of Humanities & Social Sciences
General Education General Education Academic Programs
Geomatics Geomatics College of Technology & Computing
Global/Intercultural Requirement Center for Global & Intercultural Engagement Engaged Learning
Graduate Studies Graduate Studies Academic Programs
Graduation Graduation Enrollment Management
Grants for Engaged Learning Grants for Engaged Learning Engaged Learning
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