Web Community Resources

Training & Site Access

In order to get access to a department website, you will now need to first complete the full OU Campus training program in UVULearn, which must be assigned by Web Development Services.

You can go through the training at your own pace, and it only takes about an hour total to complete.

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Web Community Meeting

Friday, Sep 22, 10:00am; FL-120
Everyone on campus who has web site responsibilities is invited to attend Web Community Meetings, and hear about the latest news and happenings with the web at UVU.

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Request Help

A support ticket should be submitted for simple tasks, such as:

  • Broken links
  • OU Campus access or questions
  • Logging in to OU Campus
  • Content help
  • Form requests
  • Broken page or layout
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Submit a Project

For complex tasks such as:

  • A new website
  • A site redesign
  • New site functionality
  • A complex form that requires routing and/or signatures

View project submission guidelines

Once a project request is submitted, it is then prioritized by the University Communications Committee among all of Web Development Services' additional projects. Once the project is prioritized to the top of Web Development Services' project list, work on the project can begin.

We strongly recommend submitting a project as soon as your are aware of the need, as the project list for Web Development Services is significant and because of the prioritization process, we do not know when your project will reach the top of the list.

We also strongly recommend gathering as much information and detail about the project as possible ahead of time, so that when the project is prioritized at the top of the project list, Web Development Services can begin working promptly based on the information and content that you have gathered and provided.

When filling out the form, please provide as specific of a description as possible. In the "Project Description" field, also explain the University (and potentially community) wide impact that the project will have in order to help facilitate the prioritization process.

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New Site Templates & Design

Learn about the new site design and templates, and how to get your site transitioned.

New Site Details

Department websites will be transitioned to the new template system as projects are prioritized. Learn what to expect and how to submit a project request.

Example Pages

Take a look at example pages to see what the templates look like in action and to get ideas about how your department's content will fit into the new templates.

New Helper Styles

Along with new templates, there are new "helper" styles that can allow for easy addition of design elements to customize your pages.

OU Campus Tutorials

Need a refresher on OU Campus? Need to know how to do something new in OU Campus? Our OU Campus tutorials can help you quickly refresh your skills or learn new ones.

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