UVU Home Page Media Box Submission Guidelines

The UVU home page media box has space for approximately 6 to 8 items to rotate through it. The goal of Web Resource Services is to have all items remain in that box a maximum of ten (10) working days.

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Story/Announcement/Article/Event Selection for the UVU Home Page Media Box

Are you wondering what finds its way to the media box on the UVU home page? Well, here are some general guidelines:

  • Originates from UVU
  • There is not already an event/item from your same area/department in the media box already (no more than one per department);
  • There has not been a series of postings from your area/department in the recent past (ie, we are looking for balance across the campus when posting information to the media box; it is not intended as an 'advertising' space for a department/program/area).
  • If there was a press release done it has priority (as a press release inherently implies importance for the University)
  • The bigger the affected (or potential) audience the better. Basically the stuff on the media box on the home page should apply to students (headcount 32,670), faculty & staff (1,452 full time, 3,212 part time), future students, and community (508,716 in Utah County alone) alike if at all possible (those events that also invite community have the best odds of being posted generally speaking).
  • Events that are free have priority (the space is not free advertising for a paid event)
  • Items that imply serious, inclusive or engaged have priority
  • To be in the media box, there must be a page or file somewhere to link out to

Image selection for the UVU Home Page Media Box

The size of a media box image is 614px wide by 217px tall. The bottom segment of the image should be left clear for the rollover navigation.  The rollover 'box' in the upper left is always positioned in the same location but can say different things and can be different colors.

We strongly encourage persons submitting requests to send any assets they have (posters, fliers, documents, images, whatever). That said, however, Web Resource Services reserves the right to use or not use these images. We also reserve the right to alter the images submitted.

in regard to our use of submitted images, those that hold a better chance:

  • Coincide with the home page color scheme
  • Match the home page 'feel'
  • Image implies serious, inclusive or engaged (no cartoon images for example)
  • Confirmed copyright clearance
  • Do not 'overtake' the home page (such as humongous font would do)

Do you have a story/announcement/article/event you want to submit? Email Anne Arendt at anne.arendt@uvu.edu and give her a summary (email strongly preferred over phone)