The statistics: Subtitle use and trends on UVU website directories

Originally sent to: Gerber, Taylor C., Whitehead, Mills (3/29/2011)

Here are the results (see attached) on subtitle use and trends on UVU Website directories

OVERALL: There are 215 distinct directories on the website.  Of these, 156 have a subtitle (72.56%)  and 59 do not (27.44%).

NO SUBTITLES: Of the 59 who do not have subtitles, 22 are have no identifiable parent division/department/area (37%) and 37 do have an identifiable parent division/department/area (63%).

SUBTITLES: Of the 156 directories that do have subtitles, 140 are the parent division/department/area (90%) and 16 are not the parent division/department/area (10%).

NONCOMPLIANCE: There are 2 directories that have non-compliant text (note: 5 others were changed already due to the presumption that the site manager did not know how to make the change via inline css and/or the sites were within areas WRS has previously been permitted to update for the department as necessary)

See attached for details:  website-subtitle-list.xlsx and web-subtitle-use-b.docx