Web Marketing Subcommittee


Wednesday, February 17, 2010 from 3 to 4 in Marketing Building 104

Invited: A. Arendt, M. Bambrough, T. Begay, B. Blumer, J. Cranney, J. Day, N. Gerber, M. Harper, J. Hill, H. Jenkins, J. Kennedy, W. McKinnon, S. Palmer, B. Plothow, R. Sacks, A. Smith, E. Spurgeon, R. Stutz, C. Taylor, P. Taylor, T. Martin, R. Ward, R. Walker, and S. Whitehead

In attendance: A. Arendt, B. Blumer, J. Cranney, M. Harper, J. Kennedy, W. McKinnon, C. Taylor, R. Walker, and R. Ward.

Excused: R Stutz

Sindy Whitehead did a review of YouTube EDU. We discussed that YouTube EDU is live but not very visible because we have yet to make it visible (our choice). Sindy will work on design and content.  She noted that the maximum file size for YouTube EDU is either 1 hour or 2 gig.

It was determined that YouTube EDU will be used specifically by Marketing and Communications and will serve as a UVU 'public face'.  One of our first tasks is to place the latest State of the University on this account (utahvalleyuniversity).

Sindy emailed answers to YouTube pending questions as well:

Answers to YouTube questions:
    - HTML 5 Player
        The player was recently released in Beta and one needs to sign up for it
        More information can be found here: http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/2010/01/introducing-youtube-html5-supported.html
    - Hi-Def
        It appears that hi-def is automatic and dependent on the video you upload. I.e. if you upload a hi-def video it will remain hi-def.
    - Multiple access
        By what I can find (looking at the forums, our account settings, help articles, etc.) there is no way to create multiple account access. The only way to allow multiple people to post to our account is to give them all the username & password (which obviously is a very dangerous proposition).

Mike Harper did a review of ITunesU. We discussed that ITunes U will be used by educators/academics and although it may have some of the same things as YouTube EDU it is not intended as a marketing piece but as a educational service. We discussed how editing access would work for multiple individuals, as how securing videos would work via myUVU.

Friday, January 22nd, 2010 from 1 to 2 in Marketing Building 104

In attendance: Susan Palmer (CE), Brian Blumer, Chris Taylor, Sindy Whitehead, Jeannie Cranney, Anne Arendt, Will McKinnon

Marketing subcommittee 1.22.2010 Notes

Video options:

Option 1: ITunesU
 - high quality
 - we can point files
Option 2: Youtube Edu
 - two levels of quality
 - high size permitted
 - question: are there links @ end
 - question: can we point or must we upload?
 - marketing managed public facing
 - is this inclusive of google video and yahoo video?

Option 3: Our own video repository
   - on resource
   - in library (such as scholars open archive)
   - files could then be linked on options 1 and 2 although stored here
Option 4: Upload to Omni
 - Omni chokes on large files
Option 5: Free for all

Option 6: Social networking site

Not an option: FTP

----- Discussion ----------

If we had our own system what would the requirements be?

would we want a web interface or a repository?
- ftp via web form
- vidcast (can be categorized)
- video repository software (interface)

need to have:
- ability to have high quality
- ability to have 'any' size
- cannot require FTP
- method to request something be pulled
- method to pull

want to have:
- search
- ability to make public or private
 (but then is there an approval process)
- ability to tag academic or institutional
 (but then is there an approval process)
- if private then must log in with myUVU ID (to be determined is this faculty or staff or students or all? we suggest stopping at faculty)
- departments have a large say on what gets put in their areas (less approval processes)

note: Itunes you will need a place to store stuff after we run out of apple space.  Mike H may have a server for it.

to do: find video policies that exist at other universities

future considerations:
- copyrights and permissions
- notify when broadcasting an event (put up a sign)


Attended: Susan Palmer (CE), Chris Taylor, Matt Bambrough, Will McKinnon, Jason Kennedy, Sindy Whitehead, Erin Spurgeon, Jeannie Cranney, Brian Blumer

Issue1: desire to have some type of recommended procedure for placing official UVU video onto the UVU web site.
Issue2: users cannot post large videos onto Omni. Ultimately, it chokes if the file is too large (Ethics videos used as an example-- ultimately Jeannie needed to post them for the department as she has direct access to the server.  Note: Offering FTP access to the server is not a viable option). This led to conversation about other viable options. 

Considering recommending either youtube edu or itunesu be the platform for all official UVU video.   Anne/Sindy/Jeannie will make demo pages to see how each would work if used as embedded video. More discussion needs to be had on who would be permitted to post to these accounts. 

As it stands, youtube/edu would require a single 'moderator' (account utahvalleyuniversity - the 'official' youtube UVU presence) who would post items; whereas, itunesu would allow any number of accounts to be set up where individuals could post information (for example, each teacher would have their own login). Plus, with itunesu the content can be tagged as public or not. Additionally, we believe itunesu will permit the video to remain the quality it was posted as, whereas youtube will optimize (and thus decrease) it.  However, we need to look into how each would operate if used as embedded content on the UVU site; we also need to look at how secured versus non-secured content could be handled on these sites.

Sindy has now added academic content to the youtube utahvalleyuniversity account so that we can make a formal request for the youtube edu account in cooperation with Ray Walker. Itunes you has now officially gone live per Jeannie.

Discussion of past attempt to list UVU related video on a public UVU Web page and why it did not succeed (request for people to make suggestions, but then decision not to post 3 of the first 3 requests for content appropriateness reasons).  Perhaps public and secured locations would resolve this?

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18TH, 2009 from 10 to 11 in the Alumni House

Re-institution of Marketing subcommittee now that WAC has determined Web strategic directions [available as of 1.7.2010 at http://www.uvu.edu/web/]

Our first re-start agenda:

* Discussion of the new Web strategic directions from Web Advisory Council (and the role we play in it) - [available as of 1.7.2010 at http://www.uvu.edu/web/]
* Video on the Web (our site and other sites): Our intentions, our reality, our ideal

Handout: video_on_educational_institution_websites_v2.doc (12.17.09)

Decision as first call of order: Determine standards and practices for video on UVU public facing Web site (on www.uvu.edu only).

MONDAY JULY 27, 2009 at 3 to 4 in Advancement 202.

At this meeting Tim Stanley will gave the results of our home page survey described below (6.16.09).  We got somewhere around 700 responses!  It popped up for every 50th time our home page was loaded.

Presented documents:

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 at 3:00 to 4:30 in AB 111

  • Distributing the home page survey- http://csc.uvsc.edu/surveysystems/homepage.htm
  • Updated Web Mission and Objectives from WAC
    • New Mission
      The UVU web mission is to (a) promote the University and its mission, vision, and values, communicate with; (b) engage key stakeholders; and (c) enable the completion of University processes.
    • Objectives
      A.  To create and maintain sustainable web site and systems by implementing a process to regularly review content, tools and infrastructure for relevancy, consistency,  accuracy, and compliance.
      B.  To proactively market, train and provide support to, encourage and enable UVU community self-sufficiency and innovation.
      C.  To conduct research that leads to decisions and actions for web sites and systems that improve end user satisfaction (EG. usability)
      D.  To transition our web site presence from audience to community focus by seeking out, adopting and providing collaborative tools (EG. parents website, UV-Link)   
      E. Review semi-annually our processes and direction in light of mission and strategic objectives.
Notes from meeting:
Discussion (doc)
We started with a short discussion of Google AdWords and how they work

Next we decided that the survey at http://csc.uvsc.edu/surveysystems/homepage.htm (Tim will make grammar correction on opening question) will run for every 50th load of the home page starting tomorrow and running for three weeks. After that Tim Stanley will compile results and submit to the group. He will then give a short presentation on the results at  the next subcommittee meeting on Tuesday July 21st at 3 to 4.  We can then decide where we go from there with the UVU home page.

Next, we talked about the goal as identified by WAC (goal #2 of  5) :  To create and maintain sustainable web site and systems by implementing a process to regularly review content, tools and infrastructure for relevancy, consistency,  accuracy, and compliance.

Here is what we came up with:

Do a yearly audit
-audit – would work if they ‘own’ their stuff
-if you don’t update it we will remove concept.  (some type of consequence)

Go to other committees to get a lot of leadership – deans council
-Web reviews for specific areas (web stats overviews for example)

Communicate about Google Reports and how to get them – go to Nathan Gerber for these.
-we have three standard types of reports

People need to feel they ‘own’ their content or site.
- Formally recognize people who are content contributors (in job description or otherwise)
- Every site has a site owner and content contributer that might or might not be ‘involved’ 
- people need to know about http://www.uvu.edu/wds/support/siteaccess/

How do people know what is available?
- Do more with Facebook – to communicate maybe?

We are more email based so we should still do emails for communication

- Communicate to subcommittees what is available
- Is technology change in order? People don’t want to take to come to a place for a meeting – perhaps a forum or facebooky type of thing would work better. Ning is an example being looked into.
= learn more about Ning (http://www.ning.com) ( http://www.ning.com)/ ) 
= learn more about yammer (http://www.yammer.com ( http://www.yammer.com/ ) - Don Lavange lead on yammer for uvu.edu)

how do we identify what is ‘critical’. A central place is good.

Next meeting: Tuesday July 21st at 3 to 4 [Changed: Tuesday July 21 to MONDAY JULY 27 at 3 to 4 in Advancement 202.]


There will not be a marketing subcommittee meeting today. The implementation of the survey on the home page has been a bit delayed. Tim Stanley has it complete at http://csc.uvsc.edu/surveysystems/homepage.htm if you want to take a look but implementation on the UVU home page is taking longer than expected. As this is our next step I want to get that done before we move forward.  Thanks! As soon as it is operational and has run for two weeks I will set up a meeting time again.  If it is not operational by end of May then we will look at other venues for distributing the survey.


WRS/Marketing will work with Tim Stanley/IRI to get the survey created and operational.

Discussion: We should start with an informal survey of some sort just to get a general idea of what people think of the UVU home page; We can then do more targeted usability studies and interviews.  However, we first have to have a general feel.


-Is UVU home your starting point? If not, what is?
-What is the purpose of the UVU homepage?
-Why do you go to the home page?
-What do you want on the home page
-If you could change 3 things on the home page what would they be?
-What are your impressions of the home page?
-Do you like uvu home page? (which parts - cork, design, function)
-What are your impressions of the UVU home page? (do you like the UVU home page)
-what are your favorite parts of the home page?
-What are you least favorite parts of the home page?
-How often do you use the home page?
-(do you use the search box? why)

changed to:

-how do you navigate the home page? __ search box, __ corkboard, __drop down menus, __ other
- Is the UVU home page your starting page? how often do you use it?
- Can you find what you need? yes/no


% who like/dislike home page by audience

% who like/dislike corkboard by audience

what they like/dislike
what we should 'fix' or 'add'
how often they use parts of the home page


Who is going to the home page?

Consider the size of the population (students and future students highest number of users, but then again there are lots more of them overall than fac/staff)

- link to it from Facebook
- link to it from myUVU



Have it show up for every 1 in 50 home page loads
Have five starter questions

1.  Who are you (audience)
2.  What is your impression of the home page (lickert scale - extremely positive to extremely negative)
3. why?
[note: if possible, track referring URL]
4. Do you find it easy to use the home page?
(lickert scale - extremely easy to extremely hard)
5. why?

Then have an option to submit, or else an option to say more:

If they choose to say more:

6. What are your favorite parts of the home page?
7. What are you least favorite parts of the home page?
8. What do you want on the home page?
9. If you could change 3 things on the home page, what would they be?
10. How do you navigate the home page? __search box, __corkboard, __dropdowns, __other
11. Can you find what you need from the home page? yes / no


Anne to work with writers to refine questions
Anne to send questions to Tim Stanley
Tim to create survey using IRI software and shoot applicable URL to Anne
WRS and WDS to work together to find best means to offer survey off home page ('pop up' every 50th home page load)
WRS/Marketing to work with Tim/IRI to compile results
Results presented to this group and discussion of next steps takes place

3.03.09 Notes

I.     Introductions
II.    Homepage Brainstorm
•    Small groups (6 or less)
•    Topic: What are some minor changes that could be made
•    Reminder we are not a decision making body but leading conversation
III.    Homepage Discussion
•    Discussion of brainstorm results
•    Discussion Topic ideas handout (doc)
•    Input on usability testing options
IV.    Where we go from here

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