Web Strategic Directions

These Web Strategic Directions were adopted by the University Communications Committee on November 4, 2009.

ONE: Create and maintain sustainable web sites and systems that are relevant, consistent, accurate and compliant

  1. Foster regular accountability by refining the process to regularly review content, tools, and infrastructure
  2. Implement a series of required and optional trainings for various content stakeholders
  3. Create an online community that enhances the sharing of ideas and information among
    content stakeholders
  4. Institute a routine automated system for content validation and standardization
  5. Establish means of consistently and accurately publishing once to multiple places and platforms

TWO: Align web sites and systems with end-user satisfaction via research-based decision making

  1. Conduct usability studies for specific audience segments
  2. Formally survey users and editors/content contributors
  3. Conduct focus groups for different audiences
  4. Create evaluation plan to assess web site usability and end-user satisfaction
  5. Better utilize and share current web statistics

THREE: Seek out and provide new collaborative and interactive tools that foster a broader community focus

  1. Reassess current collaboration tools (e.g., OmniUpdate, Blackboard, myUVUk...)
  2. Research Web 2.0 options
  3. Enhance and encourage use of calendaring & events tools
  4. Research best practices at other educational institutions
  5. Enable interaction between University web sites and social media applications

FOUR: Promote and enable self-sufficiency and innovation among the UVU web community

  1. Proactively market currently available technology and tools
  2. Educate upper administrative content stakeholders (VPs, deans)
  3. Define and communicate roles regarding available web-related support services
  4. Create and provide new training opportunities that are timely and need-based
  5. Produce a "Did You Know" campaign about current and upcoming tools and resources