UVU Web Goals

Support Mission of UVU

The Web site must be consistent with the University’s broader goals and objectives as articulated in UVU’s Mission Statement.

Provide Targeted User Experience

  • Focus on targeted user experiences driven by our key audiences including Future Students, Students, Faculty and Staff, Alumni, Visitors and Neighbors, General Public, Employment, Parents, Friends
  • Enable audience self-sufficiency and encourage user feedback.
  • Serve as a mechanism to allow completion of key functional processes and serve as an effective informational and marketing tool for theUniversity and its audiences, enhancing the University’s presence on the Internet.

Ensure Accurate, Timely, and Relevant Content

  • Develop informative, educational and engaging content that is presented in an attractive, consistent and professional manner, thereby becoming an invaluable resource for the dissemination of current information related to UVU and its audiences.
  • Enable all visitors to navigate the web site easily and effectively by providing user-friendly navigation and logically defined content areas, with content optimized for download speed and web accessibility.
  • Continuously strive to improve the web site, keep abreast of changing/improving technologies and use the Internet and information technology to its fullest potential.

Promote Managed Content Contribution

  • Support the University's ongoing efforts at self improvement through the implementation of hardware/software solutions which allow non-experts to develop and maintain institutional web pages, thus promoting a managed contribution of content and information to the website by a broad array of staff with content expertise.
  • Work on improving communication and collaboration among all those involved in the process of providing content to the institutional websites, encouraging a sharing of expertise, capitalizing on re-use and re-purposing of resources and increase in the value of all University web pages
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