Web Community Meeting Notes

November 2016

Topics: Possible navigation options; web standards and guidelines

September 2016

Topics: OU Campus Access, Maps, and Web Tools

July 2016

Topics: Web Accessibility

November 20, 2015

Topics: Team introductions, Ownership roles, Blog system, Department styles, UVU homepage refresh

July 17, 2015

Topics: OU Campus 10.3, Catalog update, Accessibility, OU Campus snippets, website rebuilds

May 22, 2015

Topics: myUVU to myUVU Transition and open lab training. There are no meeting notes accompanying this presentation. 

March 20, 2015

Topics: UVU Annual Web Audit, Update on Accessibilities, Asset Sliders- Alt Tags, New final check, New gadgets. There are no meeting notes accompanying this presentation. 

January 23, 2015

Topics: UVU Annual Web Audit, Sliders, and Updates. There are no meeting notes accompanying this presentation. 

2014 Meetings

November 21, 2014

Topics: Digital Signage, new training meetings available, MyUVU architecture, changes in requesting support

September 26, 2014

Topics: Using Social Media, working with sliders, working with images, submitting support tickets

May 30, 2014

Topics: OU Campus v10 transition and how simple ways to improve your website this summer

March 28, 2014

Topics: UVU Calendar System, New Catalog Site, Migrations End Date, OU Campus v10

January 24, 2014

Topics: How to audit department web sites, update on OU Campus v10

2013 Meetings

November 22, 2013

Topics: New web organization, SWAT, page count and age reports

September 27, 2013

Topics: Social Stream, gallery assets, SWAT

July 26, 2013

Topics: Web style guide, image galleries, audience homepages

May 24, 2013

Topics: Using tables in web sites, adaptive table options, new file naming standards, accordion snippet

March 22, 2013

Topics: Template migration, SEO (search) basics, new homepage

February 1, 2013

Topics: Introduction to Web Community, new web templates