Website Maintenance

Site Access and Training

In order to get access to a department website, you will now need to first complete the full OU Campus training program in UVULearn, which must be assigned by Web Development Services.

You can go through the training at your own pace, and it only takes about an hour total to complete. If you need to go through the OU Campus training program, have the Site Owner or Site Manager of your department site contact Web Development Services with the request.

Tutorials and Tips

There are many tutorials for accomplishing tasks and using features in OU Campus available on our tutorials page. Get a refresher on everything covered in OU Campus Basics training, as well as much more, in short 2-5 minute video clips or step-by-step tutorials.

Web Tutorials

Who's in charge of my site?

The Site Owners System provides information about who owns, manages, and contributes to each website within Access the Site Owners System to get details about your site.

Site Owner System

Do's and Don'ts (Web Standards)

The public web at UVU is a centralized system governed by standards, policies, and procedures to maintain our brand, our image, and our content at the highest standards.

Our web standards page includes information on page design, creating content, working with images, accessibility, and general best practices.

Web Standards

UVU Web Colors

Colors are a great way to add some visual interest to your pages. Be sure to use UVU-approved colors on your pages. Learn how to use UVU colors; view the UVU-approved web color palette.

Official UVU colors

Why does my site matter?

For students, staff, the community, and the general public, a website is often the first place to go to get information. Many of those who interact with UVU in any capacity reference our website to find out about our programs, offerings, and community engagement efforts. In doing so, their opinion of UVU may be partially shaped by the experience they have while visiting our site. If the information they are looking for is hard to find, out of date, or visually unappealing, that may influence their perception of UVU.

Websites are important tools that help everyone in the UVU community. When we care about how our sites function and look, and ensure that they are kept up-to-date and easily navigable, we are showing that we take pride in how our departments, and UVU as whole, are presented to the public.