Web Services

There are a variety of web-related services and tools available to the UVU community to help with web development, web design, marketing, social media and other tasks.


Web Development

Web Development Services can help create and restructure department and organization websites that are housed within uvu.edu and maintained through OU Campus. Web Development Services also provides services for developing standalone sites outside of uvu.edu.

Web Design

University Marketing and Communications provides web design services for the UVU community. Working with Jason Kennedy in University Marketing allows for a cohesive marketing presence among various media; design elements from your print or video campaigns through University Marketing can also be incorporated into your website.

Whether you need an entire site design, or a few elements to spruce up your pages, University Marketing and Communications can help you create a professional look for your site.

  • Learn more about web design.
  • To request web design services, submit a request to University Marketing and Communications.


UVU has a blogging system that runs on the Wordpress platform, which is available to departments and organizations through Web Development Services. A blog can be a helpful tool for engaging visitors in discussion, and can be an easy way to keep visitors engaged through providing consistently new content.

Web Development Services relies on blog owners to be responsible for general blog maintenance, such as creating content (blog posts) and moderating comments.


If you have questions about the type of web services you are in need of, there are consulting services available to help navigate through all of the options available. If you have questions about what  content you need to have on your website, how to organize it, whether you should incorporate social media, or anything else web-related, we're happy to help in any way we can.

Social Media

Social media services, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are an ever-growing element of the web, and can be a vital asset to a department or organization's web presence.

If you have questions about different social media options or how to best incorporate social media into your marketing efforts, contact Ashley Bates in University Marketing and Communications for help.

iTunes U

The iTunes U platform is a useful resource in presenting video, audio, and other documents in an easily-consumable format. From Podcasts and video lectures to supplementary course materials, iTunes U is a great way to make content accessible.

In addition to the iTunes U store, where content is available to the general public, iTunes also provides Courses, which are only accessible to approved individuals, and can be structured to mirror a course syllabus.

Professional Pages

The Professional Pages system is a directory of "profile" pages for faculty and staff of UVU. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to personalize and maintain their Professional Page to add details about their work experience and professional details, and to keep department, office, and phone information up-to-date and accurate.