Web Design

Maintaining a consistent look throughout all of uvu.edu helps to convey the professionalism and high standards that UVU represents. University Marketing and Communications works to preserve the look of all public-facing media produced for and by the university, including its websites.

While site owners, site managers, and content contributors are free to design their sites however they would like (while adhering to the web style guide), there are also Web Design services available through University Marketing and Communications to help facilitate the process of designing for the web. Web Design services are valuable for keeping each site's look, while individual and customized, consistent with the overall aesthetics and goals of the university to ensure professionalism across all of uvu.edu.

Additionally, working with University Marketing and Communications on web design means that any design assets or elements created for other media, such as digital signage, posters, or mailers, can be incorporated into website design so that there is consistency and cohesion within all of the marketing efforts of a department or organization.

If you would like to take advantage of web design services from University Marketing and Communications, please submit a Marketing Services Request form.