Working with Files That are Checked Out in OU Campus

What Does it Mean to Check Out a File?

Having a file checked out means that you are the only person who can access, edit, and publish a page. This helps keep the file from being worked on by more than one person at once, and can prevent changes from inadvertently being lost.

When a file is checked out, there are more options available for making changes to that file. When a file is being edited, it is automatically checked out to the person who is editing it.

Why is it Important to Check Files Back In?

When you are finished working on a file, it is important to check it back in, in case others need to access the file.

A file is automatically checked in when it is published, but not when it is saved. Make sure that if you are finished working on a file, it is checked back in.

Watch the video to find out how to check files in and out.


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