How to Create a New Page in OU Campus

Creating New Pages

Pages are the building blocks of any website. The new templates in OU Campus provide options for creating one column, two column, and three column pages, which lend greater flexibility and more options when creating your pages.

Page Creation Options

When you create a page, the following information will be requested:

  • Page Title: The title of your page, as it appears in the title bar of your browser window
  • Meta Keywords (optional): Comma-separated keywords used to categorize your page for search engines.
  • Meta Description (optional): A brief description of the page content.
  • Column Options (two- and three-column pages): The layout options for your columns
  • Content Page Title: The title of your page, as it appears in the content area of the page itself
  • Create Page Filename: The name of the file that is being created; it should be all lowercase, with no spaces; be sure to keep the .pcf extension
  • Overwrite Create Page: If there is already another page with the same file name, that this page will overwrite, check the box; otherwise, leave unchecked.


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