Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I qualify to use the Wee Care Center?

You must be a UVU student or staff/faculty of UVU. We have limited openings for employees/staff.

Why do single parents get to register before married parents?

We operate under a federal grant that requires the center to serve those in the community with the greatest need, specifically single parents.

How do I begin the registration process?

First pick up an application at the center. Or you may download one from our website. Make sure it is filled out correctly and all papers are signed. Applications must be turned in on the dates listed on your packet (or on our website) according to your marital status.

Bring COPIES of required documents:
First page of last year’s income taxes (the page that has your AGI & number of dependents)

  • Two months of income verification
  • A copy of your DETAIL class schedule
  • $15.00 Non-refundable deposit
  • Proof of Pell Grant eligibility

Pictures of kids

How much will I have to pay?

Is determined on a sliding scale according to the size of your family and your income.

Supply fee of $25.00 per child per semester
Non-Refundable Deposit of $15.00 per semester
A Proximity Card must be purchased for access to the building: $20.00

What are you ratios?

Ratios for the Wee Care Center are as follows:
Infants: 7 (1:4)
1 yr olds: 8 (1:4)
2 yr olds: 12 (1:6)
3 yr olds: 24 (1:8)
4-5 yr olds: 17 (1:8)
School Age: 11 (1:11)

Is your center licensed?

Yes! We are licensed from the Utah Department of Health

How are registration dates determined?

Registration dates are determined in part by the registrar’s office. We cannot begin the registration process at the center until all parents are able to register for classes during open registration.