Policies & Procedures

  1. Training and Education Levels of Caregivers
  2. Exclusion of Staff and Children
  3. Supervision and Protection of Children
  4. Releasing Children
  5. Medication Administration
  6. Discipline
  7. Tobacco, Alcohol, Illegal Substances, Sexually Explicit Materials
  8. Hand Washing
  9. Firearms
  10. Food Service
  11. Diapers, Clothing, Miscellaneous
  12. Transportation
  13. Movies, Videos, and Computer Games
  14. Confidentiality and Release of Information

The above outline is a brief overview of what the following pages will contain. Please read though the entire packet carefully and have a good understanding of what is expected of both staff and parents at The Wee Care Center. Each parent and staff member is responsible for knowing the current policies and procedures and adhering to them at all times. If, at any time, the policies and procedures are not followed by either a parent or staff member, the 1st violation will result in a written warning and the 2nd violation can/will result in termination from the Wee Care Program and/or termination of an employee position at the Wee Care Center.

Pictures of kids

Thank you!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know and care for your child! We hope that you have a great experience at the Wee Care Center and as always, if you have any questions or concerns please see Mary Ellen, and if she is unavailable, any member of the office staff will be happy to assist you.

We hope that we can continue to improve our center every semester and that through this program our parents can achieve their educational goals.