Diapers, Clothing, Miscellaneous

Parents are required to bring the following items into the center on the first day the child attends the center.

  • Diapers are labeled with the Child's initials
  • A change of clothes in a bag with the Child's name in it

Also, parents with infants and or pre-toddlers, you are required to bring a clean bottle and or sippy cup with your child every time you bring them into the center, and are required to take the sippy cup and or bottle home with you at the end of the day. Do not forget the sippy cup or bottle or it will be thrown away. Also, if there is a certain blanket you want to bring for your child it must have a name on it and also be picked up at the end of each day. It is NOT our responsibility to keep track of lost personal items at the center.

Please continually check to make sure your child has diapers in their assigned shelf. If your child is out of diapers you may be called from class to pick up your child.

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