The center uses discipline to encourage the child’s self-control and reduce the risk of injury and any adverse effects to self or others. The center will use the following positive discipline measures for children:

Positive reinforcement and redirection according to age appropriateness will be used to help maintain a safe and orderly center.

Infants through toddlers will be positively redirected to another activity.

If after many attempts are given to help the children better his/her behavior a redirected “Cooling off” period will be used for children of Pre-School ages and up.

If the child is having a hard day the supervisor/ staff member will inform the parent or guardian of the child’s behavior and together come up with a method of redirection that will better help the child.

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If there is an excessive amount of disciplinary problems with a child and their behavior becomes a serious detriment to the safety of the other children/teachers at the center the parents may be asked to withdraw their child from the program.

Discipline measures will NOT include any of the following:

  • Corporal punishment-including hitting, shaking, biting, pinching, or spanking
  • Binding or tying to restrain a child’s movement
  • Use of abusive, demanding or profane language
  • Forcing or withholding food, rest or toileting
  • Confining a child in a locked closet, room, or similar area