Exclusion of Staff and Children

We do not care for ill children. When a child arrives at the center we will greet them and look for signs of illness such as fever, coughing, runny nose etc. If a child appears ill we will ask the parent to take the child home. If a child shows signs of illness after arriving at the facility, we will separate the ill child from the other children. The child will be supervised by a staff member and kept in the office until someone comes to pick up your child. When a child becomes ill, the coordinator will contact via cell phone, (preferably text messaging) the parent/guardian and request that the child be removed immediately from the center. If a parent cannot be reached within 15 minutes, the child’s emergency contact numbers will be called.

Pictures of kids

Staff will be excluded if they have a communicable or infectious disease or parasite. The day a communicable illness or parasite is discovered in or out of the facility, we will inform parents by writing a note and posting it on the door, the bulletin board, and the classroom doors. Facility staff will ensure that the name of an ill child or staff person remain confidential.