Supervision and Protection of Children

We ensure that all the children are adequately supervised during naptimes, outside time, off site activities; our supervision includes maintaining minimum child to caregiver ratios. The coordinators will insure that the ratios are adjusted to maintain the levels of supervision and care.

We maintain supervision by making sure we can see and hear the children at all times.

Those children using the bathrooms at the center will be supervised by either their assigned teacher or another member of the staff at all times.

Ratios for the Wee Care Center are as follows:
Infants: 7 (1:4)
Pre-toddlers: 8 (1:4)
Toddlers: 13 (1:6)
Pre-school Room: 17 (1:8)
Overflow room: 6 (1:6)

The tables below are established by the Utah Bureau of Child Care Licensing we will try and maintain our established ratios to the best of our ability, however, if too many caregivers our ill or an emergency arises we may have to resort to the standard established by licensing.

Two Mixed Ages

Ages of Children
Number of Caregivers
Number of Children
Maximum Group Size
2 & 3 Years
3 & 4 Years
4 & 5 Years


Three Mixed Ages

Ages of Children
Number of Caregivers
Number of Children
Maximum Group Size
2,3 &4 years
3,4, & 5 years


Four Mixed Ages

Ages of Children
Number of Caregivers
Number of Children
Maximum Group Size
2,3,4,& 5 year olds



R430-100-11 says:
Infants and toddlers may be included in mixed age groups only when 8 or fewer children are at the center.

During nap time the caregiver to child ration may double for not more than two hours for children age 18 months and older, if the children are in a restful or non-active states, and if a means of communication is maintained with another caregiver who is on site. The caregiver supervising the napping children must be able to contact the other on-site caregiver without having to leave children unattended in the napping area.

The children of the licensee or any employee age four or older are NOT counted in the caregiver to child ratios when the parents is working at the center but are counted in the maximum group size.

Pictures of kids

Accounting for Each Child's Whereabouts

Parent’s are required to check their children “In” and “Out” at the kiosk using their ID Code

Teachers are required to write down when a child arrives and departs on their roll calls.

If there is an emergency teachers will take their rolls outside with the children so each child at the center can be accounted for.

Releasing Children

Only parents or persons with written authorization from parents will be allowed to take the child from the center. In emergency situations, the parent may give verbal authorization to the center care-givers. The verbal authorization includes confirmation of identity.


The only transportation the Wee Care Center provides is for the occasional field trip/off site activities.

Parents will be required to bring a booster seat if their child weighs less than 80 pounds. Children weighing more than 80 pounds will be required to wear a seat belt.

If there is ever a delay in coming back from a field trip, the teachers will notify a member of the office staff via cell phone and then the parents will be notified.

Movies, Video/Computer Games

Movies and video/computer games can be used as an educational tool for children. Our teachers have been instructed to only use movies etc if they:

  • Pertain to the weekly theme and lesson
  • Only use movies to supplement their lesson plans once per week and for no more than 1 ½ hours.
  • Have a “PG” “G” or “E” rating
  • Movies must be approved by the Coordinator