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Biofeedback Services

How can I participate in these services?

Open Hours

Biofeedback is available for FREE for all UVU students and employees. Open hours are on Fridays from 9am-5pm in SL 211 (across from the Control Desk in the SLWC). Please limit your use of the room to 30 minutes so that others can utilize the room as well.

Scheduling the Room

The room can also be scheduled for personal/therapy use by students, employees or mental health therapists for one hour blocks. To check for room availability, call 801-863-5553

What Can I Expect? 

The biofeedback room is a private room with dim lighting and relaxing music. The biofeedback program is user friendly for those that want to come utilize it. Students/employees can also use the room for private meditation. Guided meditation CD's are available for use.

What is Biofeedback therapy?

Biofeedback therapy is a technique used to control your body's functions, such as stress levels or heart rate. Using feedback from the biofeedback machine, you can use your thoughts and will to gain power over subtle changes in your body-heart rate, relaxing certain muscles, breathing, etc. Biofeedback is based on the idea, confirmed by scientific studies, that people have the innate potential to influence with their minds many of the automatic, involuntary functions of their bodies.

Click here to learn more about biofeedback from the Mayo Clinic.

How does Biofeedback work?

The biofeedback machine is hooked onto the fingertips and monitors the participant's blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature. This program helps the individual relax their body and train themselves to control their heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure and responses to stress.


For any questions, please contact us at 801-863-5553.