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Keys to Happiness Program

Keys to Happiness is a 6 week one-on-one program to help participants experience greater happiness in their lives. This program will assist individuals in discovering greater self-acceptance, stronger relationships, inner success and unconditional joy. This program takes each participant through proven happiness principles and exercises throughout the 6 weeks.

Cost of program: $35 for the entire 6 weeks (financial waivers available if needed) 

Participants will meet will a wellness coach each week for one hour.

To register: Fill out the registration form below and we will contact you regarding your first appointment.  

Disability Services: Our goal is to provide beneficial services to all members of the UVU community. If you need accommodations for any of our programs or services, please contact us at or 801-863-6481. We look forward to working with you!

*Please note: If you have been diagnosed with depression, are taking prescribed medication for depression, or think you may have depression, this program is NOT meant to replace medication and/or counseling from a mental health professional. Rather this program can be used to complement with medication and/or counseling that can help you experience greater clarity, freedom, and joy.

Registration Form

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What time can you meet? Each session will last 60 minutes. (Please give a specific time that you would be able to meet every week.)

Week 1:
  • Happiness Paradigms
  • The Search For Happiness
  • Definition Of Happiness
Week 2:
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Following Your Joy
  • Joy Resistance
Week 3:
  • Healing Unhappiness
  • Choices vs. Circumstance
  • The Real More
Week 4:
  • The Family Story
  • Appropriate Independence vs. Dysfunctional Independence
  • Creating Stronger Relationships
Week 5:
  • Forgiveness of Others & Self
  • No Complaints
  • Communication Styles
Week 6:
  • Affirming & Limiting Beliefs
  • Giving Up The Perfection
  • Happiness Offerings & Everyday Abundance