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We asked some employees a few questions about UVU.  With their permission, we can share their responses with you.

Go Wolverines!

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What is the #1 reason you are proud to work at UVU?

  • Great people to work with, in an environment that is second to none. An administration that really works hard to meet employees needs, and that appreciates our herculean efforts under very low funding. ~ Brett McKeachnie
  • The amazing students, faculty, and staff. ~ Melissa Eiche
  • Love the engaged learning that UVU offers, for both students and employees. ~ Sarah Graves
  • The top reason I am proud to work at UVU is that the University is well rounded, exceeding in academics, athletics and the arts. ~ Zeb White
  • We help prepare students to go out into the world and make a difference – we touch our community, our state, our nation, and the world each and every day. ~ Ellen Draper
  • Student Success focused....and we mean it!!! ~ J Waterreus
  • I love the work I do and the people I get to work with. I have built a level of trust with people over the years and that gives me the opportunity to have influence in ways that impact the students and those who serve them. ~ Nancy Bartlett
  • Most everyone really is trying to make it a better school where students can come and get a great education.~ Kathy Hafen
  • I'm proud to work at UVU for the respectable place it is and that it is growing bigger. ~ Darren Brough
  • UVU's drive to assist in the success of the students. ~ Patricia N
  • It's a growing university, very integrity-based and has a good reputation ~ Andrea Nielsen
  • UVU has a President I can stand behind and be proud of. ~ Belinda Han
  • I am proud to work at UVU because when I talk to employers so many of them say they love hiring UVU students and graduates! ~ Janalee Carter
  • Our product is Education! All over the world people long for better education. Education changes lives. I know in a small way I'm part of that. It makes me feel good every day!  Also, every other employee I work with here (with very extremely rare exception) really cares about UVU and about doing the best job possible. What an honor to work with and learn from so many high caliber professionals working in every job at UVU. ~ Sandy Capell
  • The students make me proud to work at UVU. As a school principal, I found myself becoming more and more impressed with UVU teacher applicants. When I quit my full time job, UVU was a natural choice for adjunct opportunities. I continue to be impressed by the great students here. ~ Cindy Davis Education Department Field Supervisor.
  • I am proud to work at UVU because it is Utah Valley's University. I think that It represents all that is great in Utah Valley. ~ Karen Cloward
  • Because it's not BYU. ~ Brian Richards

What brings you the most Job Satisfaction?

  • Helping people: staff, faculty, students, visitors. Knowing everyone I work with cares about doing the best job they can. ~ Brett McKeachnie
  • Being able to help out. ~ Melissa Eiche
  • The variety, the people, and the environment! ~ Sarah Graves
  • I gain job satisfaction from being able to help students gain meaningful employment in the career of their choice. ~ Zeb White
  • Serving and learning. ~ Nancy Bartlett
  • I really enjoy helping students reach their goal of graduating from college. ~ Kathy Hafen
  • Keeping people happy with the right temperature and fixing their problems brings me the most satisfaction in the HVAC department. ~ Darren Brough
  • To know that the training the students receive are a life achievement towards their chosen careers. ~ Patricia N
  • Using my three free credit hours as a part time employee to further my education. ~ Andrea Nielsen
  • Meeting one on one with students brings me the most Job Satisfaction! ~ Belinda Han
  • I love working at a university that is so supportive of each student. Where employees look for ways to help students find success.....not just an education, but the preparation and experience needed for a career. For life. If a student is willing to put in the effort and the work, UVU will do the same. Each student's success is our success. ~ Terry Gunn
  • The thing that brings me the most satisfaction is to hear that someone really enjoyed one of our workshops, conferences or Community Education classes. ~ Karen Cloward
  • Working with good people. ~ Brian Richards

What do you wish more employees knew about UVU?



I am proud to work for UVU because it is my alma mater. I believe in the programs/degrees/career & academic resources that UVU has to offer to the community at large. Anyone who wants to pursue university studies or a certificate/degree in higher education can do so at UVU. If students are willing to work diligently at achieving their academic & career goals, staff & faculty of UVU are willing to work as diligently or more so to assist students in achieving their goals (such was my experience while attending UVU)!

As for job satisfaction, my position at UVU allows me to work with graduating high school seniors in assisting them with choosing a college/university to attend after high school graduation & navigating the admissions/financial aid processes. And connecting high school seniors to departmental academic advisors of their educational interest(s) is gratifying in that the potential college/university student meets someone new who has the ability to open up an entirely new world - filled with countless opportunities - to the student.

Employees need to know that they make a significant difference in the lives of the students who attend UVU. Every positive contribution by a UVU employee to a UVU student's success is a ripple that can very well change a student's life for the better; thereby, affecting positive change in the world!

~ Lori Joyner



Dalene Rowley
I am proud to work at UVU because of the people – both the people I get to work with every day and also our students. The people I work with work hard every day (even after hours and on weekends sometimes) to do their best work and to provide quality training and instruction and publicity for the university.  What brings me the most job satisfaction is doing my best work and supporting my team in any way possible.

I wish more employees knew more about our students and  I wish more employees realized the impact simple kindnesses and positive interactions and encouragement could have on our students. I see a good deal of sports news on Twitter, but there is SO much more to what happens through our university. We could be sharing those stories. Here is an example of something exciting I recently received from one of our students in the School of Aviation Sciences: http://blog.flyuvu.com/2014/03/27/update-from-united-at-sfo/

While my current job doesn't generally involve working with students, I do sometimes have that opportunity when I write for our blog. I love the occasional opportunity I have to meet with our students and hear about their successes and what they think helped them get where they are today (that often includes support and mentoring from faculty and staff) and I especially love being able to help share those stories. I'm sure each college and school within our university has stories of engagement and success such as these and I wish there were a way for more of those stories to get out to faculty and staff so we can be reminded that this is why we're here and also that what we do here can make a difference.

~ Dalene Rowley




I happened to be working on a computer problem at the Culinary Arts Institute when Fox 13 News was recording some footage for the evening news on Mar 18th to help publicize the success of the Institute.

The Culinary Arts Institute also won some prestigious awards recently:

I have only been working at UVU for 11 months. I have been very impressed with every employee's commitment to providing the best educational experience possible for students. Most of what I see is behind the scenes and not in the classroom. But the sincere desire to do the best and most accurate work is the focus of all the employees I come in contact with. I work in Information Technology, so we don't necessarily directly affect the classroom. And we all try to provide the support services so that our students have the Engaged Learning experience that is part of the core values of our University.

~ Duane Lee




Joshua Mueller
Top reason to be proud to work at UVU?
  • UVU provides a vast affordable education for Utah locals.
  • UVU is gaining lots of ground educationally in several fields.

Most job satisfaction?
  • Getting things done right and efficiently (in the office).
  • Making a difference (in the office).

More employees should know about UVU?

~ Joshua Mueller




Mandy Marvel
I'm a new employee to UVU—just started 2/1/14; however I was a non-traditional student here for several years. When I graduated last April in the Biotechnology program I continued coming and volunteering in the research lab where I did my internship.

Why am I proud to be an employee of UVU? Well, I think that it gives me an opportunity to give back to a school that really helped me accomplish the goal of being one of the first in my family to get a degree and start a career using my knowledge I learned at UVU. As a mom of 3 juggling school was not easy but the great thing about UVU is that the professors are dedicated to the students—at least in the Biotechnology Department! I'm very honored to be working side-by-side them now and hope that I can show just as much dedication and school pride to a university that really does focus on engaged learning.

I wish (hope) that all employees realize that they can influence students experiences here—they can influence them successfully or detrimentally—and I hope they all know that if they just work each day to affect just one student in a positive way then the success of UVU will continue to grow!

~ Mandy Marvel



Jewels Olsen
I love my job! I'm surrounded with people who are smart, caring, funny and innovative. They daily strive to do their best and make the world a better place. They "go the extra mile" to make sure an assignment is done exceptionally well. So often I observe a co-worker going out of their way to help someone.

I have a supervisor, (Belinda Han), who sees my very best qualities and praises me often. She sees me as my highest and best self. When I make a mistake or mess something up unintentionally, she is kind and forgiving. We problem solve to ensure better results the next time around. She is patient and gently teaches me in areas that I'm falling short. We have open, honest communication. Her words are affirming instead of condemning.

I work at a University with amazing young people, striving to make their goals and dreams become reality. They are energetic, optimistic and vibrant! They are full of love and eager to serve and make something beautiful of their lives. They are hungry for new information and new experiences. Some travel to South America to build schools and water systems over their Spring Break, others head a project to provide prosthetic limbs for those in need in third world countries. They are awake and aware, alive and engaged. I love being a part of this incredible environment!

~ Jewels Olsen



Alyssa Hunt
I am proud to work at UVU Because of the breadth and depth of certificates, programs, and degrees the University offers students. From a traditional college experience to technical certificates to Evening/Weekend options. UVU is awesome! What a unique University in this state.

What brings me the most Job Satisfaction is working with great people and feeling a sense of respect among colleagues.

I wish more employees knew that there are a lot of campus events happening each week that are worth checking out! That it's fun to get invested in UVU and take ownership/really become a part of the University through involvement and school spirit!

~ Alyssa Hunt




Mary Ellis
I work here because the students are the best! They make this job worth all the time, effort, and stress it takes.

When I am able to see a student graduate with the career that they want and to have them tell me that I helped them to achieve it. It's a good feeling,

I wish more employees knew how much our students NEED YOU! The students need you to go the extra mile, don't be afraid to say I don't know but when you do, actively work to figure out the answers. Don't just send them to another department like you are passing them on. Don't just give them standard answers "it will be here tomorrow" "Should be coming soon", look at their information and find out all that you can. Students need to feel that they are getting the best care. Like I said, they need you. Without you, their goals will not be possible. YOU help make it all happen! And I promise that when you go that extra mile you will see and feel the appreciation from the best students you could ask for.

~ Mary Ellis