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Expanding Our Global Reach: Woodbury Forges Partnership With China

China Partners

The Woodbury School of Business established cooperative academic ties with China by signing a memorandum of understanding with Shanghai Normal University on Oct 22. The agreement will 

Dean Mao and the Shanghai Normal University delegation were special guests at UVU where the Norman Wright, dean of the Woodbury School, met with Shanghai Normal University's Xuncheng Mao, dean of the school of finance and business to establish the formal partnership that will lead to student and faculty exchanges between the two universities.facilitate research, collaboration and student opportunity.

ceremonial signing took place.

"The creation of a partnership with Shanghai Normal University will bring greater opportunities for Woodbury School students and faculty to engage with China," said Wright. "This new relationship is fundamentally important to the Woodbury School and UVU in assisting local businesses in their efforts to engage China." 

Wright recently returned from Tianjin where he met with Zhang Yuli, dean of the business school at the University of Nankai, to discuss collaboration at the graduate and undergraduate level. Wright and his team have also been working with institutions of higher learning in Mexico, Canada and the Middle East to create opportunities for Woodbury School students.

"A close academic relationship with Shanghai Normal University and other Chinese institutions will enable Woodbury School students to develop the skills they need to be competitive in a tightly linked business community," said Wright. "These experiences will open many doors for our students long after they have moved on from UVU. Further, it will allow them to add value to existing local businesses anxious to do business with China."

The Woodbury School also has international relationships with institutions such as: Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada; University of Yucatan in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico; Woosong University in Daejeon City, South Korea; and Alfaisal University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Paul Dishman, marketing department chair, will be the first Woodbury School faculty member to participate in the exchange program. In May and June he will be teaching marketing classes to junior level students. Dishman has been part of a United Nations Senior Technical Advisor Program to China.

Look for the UVU Doing Business with China Conference on April 15 on campus for a conference that provides educational and networking resources for those interested in conducting business in the Asian Pacific.