Woodbury Faculty

Susan Madsensusan madsen

Orin R. Woodbury Professor of Leadership and Ethics

Susan Madsen is a professor of management and the Orin R. Woodbury Professor of Leadership and Ethics. She is nationally and internationally recognized for her work in improving women's educational and leadership opportunities. She's the driving force behind the Utah Women and Education Project, which encourages young women to attend and graduate from college. Her research and publications include the lifetime development of prominent female leaders from industries such as higher education, government and business. Professor Madsen was honored Nov 15 with the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce Pathfinder Award and was a guest in the UK where she was a panelist for The Leadership Trust Foundation. She recently returned from New York City where she participated in the New Your Times panel on Women in higher education. You can see a clip of the panel here.



Jonathan Westoverjon westover

Assistant Professor of Business Management

As a visiting professor on a Fulbright grant, Jonathan Westover, an assistant professor in business management, trained students and faculty at Belarusian State University on best practices in engaged learning. He is also the director of academic service learning at UVU, a program that provides service to the community while enhancing academic learning. He is the adviser for the student chapters of the Society of Human Resource Management and the UVU Enactus Team, student clubs that apply knowledge from the classroom to address real world business and economic issues. He also conducts research and publishes scholarly work on organizational change, job satisfaction and the globalization of labor. His expertise includes strategic international human resource management, employee performance management, engaged learning, and many other areas.

"While I have taught in several business schools along the Wasatch Front, I absolutely prefer teaching in the Woodbury School of Business at UVU. Here I am surrounded by excellent teacher-scholars and excellent students, from whom I am continually learning. Additionally, the diverse student body, often with a strong mix of non-traditional students and those with significant work/life experience, provides a tremendous opportunity for dynamic class discussions and meaningful class activities and projects. Moreover, the student-centered and community-based engaged learning models emphasized at UVU are a perfect fit for my teaching style and what I see to be the real educational needs of our students and the business needs of the community at large. I love being a part of a university and a business school that consistently supports me in my passion for teaching, my love of research/writing, and my desire to be more involved in my local community."