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OREM — It's hard not to notice the Utah Valley University diploma hanging directly behind the front counter at Lomito's Latin American Restaurant. Cristian Caballero, owner of Lomito's and Woodbury School of Business graduate, proudly displays the educational credentials that helped him become the businessman and restaurateur he is today.


After working in several restaurants and starting his own ventures, Caballero realized he lacked the business management skills he needed to reach his full potential. The experience was eye-opening for him and propelled him to pursue a college education that would prepare him for the business world. "Degrees open doors" was the phrase that motivated and focused Caballero while working and going to school full time.

"I have definitely benefitted from my classes at UVU. I learned so much about management that I have applied directly to my business," said Caballero. "The faculty really cared about teaching and personally inspired me. The professors made you feel like you could achieve any goal and that everything was possible."

Caballero credits his success to professors who were always willing to help, while empowering and encouraging him. Caballero overcame language barriers and successfully completed a bachelor's degree in business management. With a degree and years of restaurant experience, Caballero realized a lifelong goal of opening a Latin American restaurant. With his Chilean roots and business education, Caballero has built strong ties to the city of Orem. Caballero makes an effort to stay connected to UVU by collaborating with former classmates and current students at the university.

"I feel a strong connection to UVU and recognize the importance of a business degree. My time at the university helped me build a network and create lasting relationships within the community," said Caballero. "I really feel like a part of the Orem community even though I am from Chile. It's my second home."

Caballero has worked hard to bring a little bit of Chile to Utah County. The experience at the Woodbury School has notably impacted Caballero and his career. He recognizes that the blending of experience and learning helped open doors for him.