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The UVU Entrepreneurship Club wants to give you an entrepreneurial experience like nothing you have experienced in any of your classes. To do this we are going to use the crowd funding site Kickstarter. In one semester we will develop products, create prototypes, market, sell, and deliver. This isn’t about talking theory, you are actually going to do these things and if you do it well you are going to come out the other side with an awesome experience and a bunch of cash for your efforts.


To do this we are working with Daniel Falabella from Prefundia.com who has launched numerous Kickstarter campaigns and runs a similar class at BYU. While Daniel is helping on the backside, this class will be a collaborative effort where everyone will be working together to teach each other as we work to be successful. So don’t expect to just sit back and get a lecture on crowd funding.


The class runs the entire semester but you are welcome to drop in and see what we are doing (we will put you to work).


For more details please email isaac.gustafson@uvu.edu and check out kickstartuvu.blogspot.com

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