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We’re seeking UVU students with big ideas. Have you ever seen a hot, new product on the store shelves, then slapped your forehead and said to yourself, “I had that idea years ago!” If so, then this is YOUR competition! You don’t need a background in business. You don’t need experience in entrepreneurship. You just need to share that one bright idea that keeps popping up in your brain and wakes you up at night.

Workshops are scheduled to provide you with more information and help so you can get that big idea out of your brain and into development. And we're here to help you with that every step of that process.

Three Steps to realizing your ideas, capitalizing on opportunities, or launching new product innovations.

  1. Apply online here
  2. Attend the workshops. (Attendance at the workshops isn't mandatory but will help you. A lot.)
  3. Present at the Pitch Competition to one of three panels of judges on Thursday, April 24.

The UVU iOi Competition is a milestone-based awards program.

Three Milestone Awards


WINNERS FOR THE 2014 iOi Competition are announced!

Of 30 applicants the following were selected by judges as promising entrepreneurs:

  • Andrew Nielsen
  • Steven Wellman
  • Brian Ting
  • Branen Startup
  • Greg Schofield
  • Michael Gray and Chandler Wyckoff
  • Pam Barnes
  • Garrett Galley
  • Garrett Thomas
  • Joshua Daniels
  • Leonardo Simberg
  • Bradley Spencer

Each of the winning presentations received a check for $125 and an invitation to participate in the UVU Entrepreneurship Institute coaching and mentoring programs throughout the rest of the year.

Judges were:

  • Art Wing, Wing Enterprises
  • Roger Andrus, Utah Tech X
  • Peter Jay, USTAR
  • Ken Kaufman, Aribex
  • Ryan Westwood, PcCareSupport and UVU Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • Dr. Peter Robinson, UVU Professor of Entrepreneurship